How much to charge a electric car?

In the face of the looming global energy crisis, the rise of electric mobility is not just in the UK, but worldwide. Amid escalating energy costs, electricity tariffs remain relatively constant and show less fluctuation compared to traditional fuels such as petrol or diesel. This stability makes electric mobility an attractive choice for more an...
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Choosing Between MHEV and PHEV? Let me tell you!

Hybrid vehicles refer to the combination of internal combustion engines and electric motors to achieve better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. However, hybrid vehicles are not a uniform concept; they are divided into MHEVs (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles) and PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) based on the role of the electric motor and...
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Do you know the difference between fast charging and slow charging for electric vehicles and how it affects the lifespan of the power battery?

There are two main charging modes for electric vehicles: fast charging and slow charging, and both have a relatively minor impact on the battery's lifespan. This is because during fast charging, the charging current and power only reach their maximum values when the battery's state of charge is between 30% and 80%. Beyond 80%, the charging curre...
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