www.morec-ev.com will reasonably collect and save your personal information. We will never share your private information with other parties. We also do not sell any of your personal information. We will follow industry data security norms and standards to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal information.
We will legally use and process the minimum amount of data within reasonable limits, and take technical and management measures to protect data security.

We take your privacy very seriously and this Privacy Policy describes how www.morec-ev.com (the “Site” or “we”) collects, uses, and discloses your Personal Information when you visit or make a purchase from the Site.

The reason and method of collecting personal information

  • When a visitor browses or leaves a comment on our website, we collect the data displayed in the comment, as well as the visitor's IP address. And the comment words will become public viewable.
  • When a visitor subscribes to website information, we will collect the visitor's name and contact information (phone or email), etc. We will also send you updates and products about the store with your permission.
  • When a visitor put an order in our store, we will collect the customer's name, address, and contact information due to the need to ship the items. We will provide consent and opt-out prior to collection.
  • When a customer completes a purchase, our e-commerce platform temporarily stores the customer's payment card information. And it will meet the payment data security standards in the industry. After the payment is completed, the information will be automatically deleted immediately.
  • Contact with you: With your prior express consent, we may send you marketing information related to our own products and services, communicate with you, and inform you of our relevant policies and terms. If you no longer wish to receive email communications for marketing purposes, please contact us to opt-out. With your prior express consent, we may use Personal Data to personalize your experience with our products and services and on third-party websites and applications, and to determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns.

Note: For any of the above data that requires your prior express consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us.

We will not privately share your personal information with any third party

We will not privately share your personal information with any third party, nor will we privately use your personal information for marketing and other activities. If there is a demand in this regard, we must get the approval of the parties concerned.

When customers operate links to third-party websites with which we have a relationship, we do not assume any obligation or responsibility for the policies of any third-party. We are also not responsible for the processing of personal information by these third parties, nor are we responsible for the information or content contained in third-party products and services. This privacy statement applies only to data collected through this website.


Cookies will provide you with a better browsing experience. A small amount of information stored on your device when you visit this website.Cookies are widely used to store and receive identifiers and other information on computers, phones and other devices. This includes data we store on your web browser or device, identifiers associated with your device, and other software. In this Cookie Statement, we refer to all of these technologies as "cookies".

Including your operating habits. But this information storage time will not be permanent. The focus is on improving your website experience.

 safety and security

We use and process minimal data in a lawful and proper manner, and take technical and management measures to protect data security. We use Personal Data to help verify accounts and user activity, and to facilitate safety and security, such as fraud, suspicious or potentially illegal activity, or violations of our terms or policies. and in this way ensure the legitimate interests of our products and services.

Whenever we require your consent to process your personal data , such processing will be justified pursuant to Article 6(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) (“GDPR”).

For the proper implementation or application of this document:
We may share personal data with all of our affiliates. In the event of a merger, reorganization, acquisition, joint venture, assignment, spin-off, assignment, sale or disposal of all or any part of our business, including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceeding, we will transfer all personal data to any relevant third party.

It is necessary for us to disclose personal data as a result of law, legal process, litigation and/or requests from public and government authorities inside or outside your country of residence. We may also disclose personal data if we determine that disclosure is necessary for purposes of national security, or other matters of public importance.

Our business platform

Our store is hosted on the shopify e-commerce platform. We provide our products and services to you through this platform. Therefore, we collect and store your personal information through shopify and keep it in a secure area with a firewall.

External links
When you click on a link on our website, several links will lead you to other websites, and we will not be responsible for the privacy policies of other websites, so it is recommended to read the policies of the corresponding websites.

Policy Changes
We will update the content of this policy in a timely manner according to legal, security and marketing changes.

Due to new technologies, new products and new regulatory requirements, we will periodically update this policy. Your continued use of our products and services after the effective date of the Privacy Statement constitutes your acceptance of the revised Privacy Statement. If you do not agree to the revised Contact Us Privacy Statement, and contact us to close your account and thereby terminate the use of our products and services.

Your right to process personal information
If you are a member of our store or have made any comments, you have the right to apply to us to export or delete your personal information. However, this does not include some data that must be retained due to security or legal requirements.

By using our website, you (the visitor) agree to allow third parties to process your IP address, in order to determine your location for the purpose of currency conversion. You also agree to have that currency stored in a session cookie in your browser (a temporary cookie which gets automatically removed when you close your browser). We do this in order for the selected currency to remain selected and consistent when browsing our website so that the prices can convert to your (the visitor) local currency.

Contact with us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us.