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LCD Display Designed with LCD display, this EV charging station will show all data of your car during charging. You can see the charging information including current, voltage and temperature. High Compatibility This EV char...
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Elevate Your Charging Experience with RFID-Enabled EV Charging Stations

Introducing our state-of-the-art RFID-Enabled EV Charging Stations, designed to redefine your electric vehicle charging experience. With advanced security features and seamless control, these chargers offer a level of convenience and safety that's second to none.

The key to these charging stations lies in their RFID technology. Similar to keyless entry systems for vehicles, our RFID-Enabled stations use smart cards to control the charging process. Each unit comes equipped with five smart cards, ensuring secure access control. Simply hold the card up to the station, and it instantly grants you access to start or stop charging. This level of security ensures that only authorized users can operate your EV charging station, providing you with peace of mind whether you're at home, at a hotel, or using a public charging facility.

Safety and security are paramount with RFID technology, making it an ideal choice for locations like hotels, public charging stations, and commercial properties. It offers enhanced protection against unauthorized usage, safeguarding both your vehicle and the charging infrastructure.

While security is a top priority, our RFID-Enabled EV Charging Stations are also user-friendly, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience. With just a tap of the smart card, you can initiate your charging session, and when you're done, another tap stops the charging process – it's that simple.

These chargers are the perfect choice for those seeking a secure and efficient way to charge their electric vehicles. Whether you're a hotel owner looking to offer EV charging services to your guests or a business looking to provide employees with charging options, our RFID-Enabled stations are a smart investment.

Experience the future of electric vehicle charging with our RFID-Enabled EV Charging Stations. Elevate your charging security, convenience, and accessibility with this innovative technology.

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