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Pantalla LCD grande y cable largo Gran pantalla LCD para mostrar todos los datos del automóvil en la estación de carga mientras se carga. Puede ver el estado de carga, incluida la corriente, el voltaje y la temperatura. Los tor...
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Pantalla LCD Diseñada con pantalla LCD, esta estación de carga para vehículos eléctricos mostrará todos los datos de su automóvil durante la carga. Puede ver la información de carga, incluida la corriente, el voltaje y la tem...
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Basic MC20

Efficient Basic EV Charging Stations: Powering Your Electric Vehicle Hassle-Free

When it comes to finding the right basic EV charging station for your electric vehicle, look no further than our range of options. Our basic EV charging stations come in various power levels, including 3.6 kW, 7.2 kW, three-phase 11 kW, and three-phase 22 kW, catering to the charging needs of different electric vehicle models.

Among them, the 22 kW charging power can recharge your battery from 0% to 80% in approximately just an hour and a half, delivering a highly efficient and fast charging experience. This means you can get your electric vehicle ready in a short time without the need for extended waiting periods.

Our basic chargers are equipped with straightforward button controls, ensuring ease of use. Simply press the button, and the charger starts or stops the charging process. This simplicity makes it an excellent choice for charging in your garage. You can easily manage the charging process without leaving the comfort of your home environment.

Whether you're a novice electric vehicle owner or an experienced one, our basic EV charging stations are a reliable choice. They not only offer multiple power options but also deliver outstanding performance and durability, ensuring your electric vehicle remains charged at all times. Opt for our basic chargers to make charging more convenient and efficient.

To better cater to your needs, we offer a variety of models and configurations to ensure you find the perfect charging solution for your electric vehicle. Let our basic EV charging stations become your trusted companion, always providing the power you need for your electric vehicle.

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